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Support our local Aboriginal culture

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Understanding, appreciation and respect for Aboriginal Australians and their cultural beliefs and values is a critical part of moving forward as a society.

For thousands of years the continent was managed and conserved by Aboriginal Australians and through understanding Aboriginal culture we can come to appreciate and gain a spiritual connection to the land.

Aboriginal communities across Australia had extensive ecological knowledge which enabled them to survive and thrive in a harsh dry continent for over 30,000 years. They know how to find food in every climate and season; they understand the medicinal properties of plants; and undertook intricate land management using fire, to increase the types of animals and plants that would be available. Underlying and resulting from this, they have a strong connection to both the land and to their understanding of it, the ’Dreaming’.

A small step in our conciliation with the Aboriginal people is to understand and respect the significance of their knowledge, culture and relationship with the land. Our interest and respect will support the Aboriginal community, and assist us moving forward in Australia’s journey of conciliation with its traditional owners.

How to do it now!

There are many ways to learn and support Aboriginal culture. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Increase you knowledge of what reconciliation really means. If you do not understand what something is how can we achieve it? Through understanding we can take actions to contribute to everyone walking together. See Reconciliation Australia  to gain an understanding of what reconciliation really means.

Purchase indigenous artwork and products. Many Aboriginal artists use the proceeds from selling their art to support their family and community. The Australian Government’s Culture Portal provides a good introduction to Aboriginal art. links you to Aboriginal owned and operated Art Centres' websites in the Top End of the Northern Territory, north of Western Australia and throughout Central Australia.

Get to know your local indigenous history. Most areas of Australia had vibrant Aboriginal cultures and histories prior to the arrival of European settlers. Explore the Aboriginal history of your local area through a range of local literature. The Australian Government’s Culture Portal provides a starting point. For more local information visit the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Councils website.

Why is this action important?

Modern life has led many of us to disconnect from nature and to forget how deeply we depend on the health and vitality of the environment. Aboriginal people, through many centuries of experience have developed a spiritual connection, understanding and deep appreciation of their land. There is much to gain by exploring and respecting the wisdom and ways of Australia’s first people.